Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am also very proud to present my next release on Krusbar! After a long time this amazing tune is out, thanks to all who worked on it.
You can get it on amazon, play.com and juno, iTunes etc:

And here is the video, hope you enjoy!


I know for a fact some labels and people have sold mixes they have done with my free vocals and not told me or given me any royalties.
Even so I don't regret for one sec what I've done and I won't stop now or ever! Moha ha!
Have just reached 50.000 downloads, I feel very happy and proud.
Dave is still working very hard with me on freevocals.com and it's looking amazing. Loads of exiting products and people will be on there. Can't wait for the launch!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amazing sounds from Germany!



Can`t stop going on about it, I am so happy about freevocals.com !! Getting remixes back is so fun and they are all so different. Loving this one! Love how he has made me sound like a creepy kid!

One more feat. Sanna Hartfield